Premiere: GenoDa1 Drops Latest 12-Track LP 3 AM Sessions

Homestead, FL-based rapper GenoDa1 is releasing his brand new LP,  LP 3AM Sessions 3. After 3AM Sessions EP, 3AM Sessions 2, this new 12 Track LP comes to prove the hype around each of his drops, as he continues his 3AM Sessions LP.  series with an inspiring consistency. With a following of over 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, GenoDa1 is slowly but steadily building a solid reputation in the game, often sharing major freestyles like his latest, “Live Before Death,” dropped last week.  

Inspired by rap's greatests, including Jay-z , Kanye West, Lil wayne, Nas, 50cent, Drake, Young Jeezy, TI, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Nipsey Hussle, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, GenoDa1 also expanded his horizons in terms of influences by listening to Usher, Aaliyah, Nirvana, Linkin Park, Slipknot, Papa Roach Eazy E, NWA, Bone Thugs-N Harmony, Wu Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Rick Ross as well and Trick Daddy, and Bob Marley.

His clear vision and confidence allow him to translate his vivid imagination into infectious rap tracks that instantly set a vibe, often supported by his outstanding performing skills. The 5 tracks on the EP are “Still The Same,” “Sanctuary” ft Zues, “Idoitwaybetter” ft 4tunat, “Zoey’s Poem,” and “Playoffs,” also featuring Zues. 

Born on August 11, 1992, GenoDa1 has experienced extreme hardships growing-up, experiencing homelessness, sleeping in cars and homeless shelters while going to high school. He lived in the rough South Miami Dade county neighborhood until the age of 17 years old. His father was an alcoholic, a pill addict, and had an abusive relationship with his son. GenoDa1’s mother worked three jobs while GenoDa1 himself took care of his niece and nephews, making sure they went to school. He played basketball from 9 years old until his junior year when he quit basketball at a time when he felt he didn't love the game anymore. He also went to Santa Monica college in Los Angeles. 

His troubled past explains why he was suspended from different middle schools and highschools. In 2014, he started pursuing his strong passion for music, more precisely Hip-Hop, R&B and urban genres, taking it very seriously while battling his drug addictions and suicidal thoughts.  

To date, GenoDa1 has released one album, “You’re Welcome” in 2019, and multiple EPs and singles since he launched his career in 2014. His latest EP’s are the 2-track EP 3am Sessions and 3 am Sessions 2, and now the latest and third opus of what seems to be an ongoing process, so stay tuned!

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