Premiere: Bashy Returns With “Sweet Boys Turned Sour”, Shares News Of Brand New Album

“Sweet Boys Turned Sour” gives a pretty representative look at what the rest of the album has in store. Tapping into an updated take on his rap sound, he tells the story of his experiences growing up in North-West London, the loss of innocence as life experience piles up, and how that shaped the man he is today. Running alongside is the accopnaying visuals, which bring the coming-of-age story to life right from the very Kensal Rise streets that raised him. 

Speaking on the new video, video director George Power tells Complex: “Bashy’s lyrics in this track are so rich in storytelling, we wanted to create a simple but beautiful film that helps punctuate them. In this video, you’ll see Bashy reliving and reflecting on the trials and tribulations of his younger self. The influential, demonic character growing up is the local area personified, shown throughout using mixed animation style and appearing in childlike colours—far too tempting for any kid, sweet or sour, to resist.”

Check out the visuals for “Sweet Boys Turned Sour” exclusively above, peep the official artwork for Being Poor Is Expensive below, and be sure to add the song to your playlists.