Pop Singer Leo Kalyan Explains Why He Forgot About the Debut of His New Track (Hint: 'RuPaul's Drag Race')

London-based DIY pop singer Leo Kalyan was so lost in the eleganza that is RuPaul’s Drag Race that he forgot about his new single's release date.

He dropped the track, “Stranger,” available on all platforms today — but when Billboard reached out for comment, he hilariously replied, “To be honest, I totally forgot it was coming out today, because it's Drag Race day!”

With last night’s episode having one the coolest main challenges in recent memory, it easy to see why he was distracted. (Some Kalyan's favorite moments the episode included BenDeLaCreme’s drunken “cougar” performance, and Aja’s anime-inspired outfit).

Distractions aside, Kalyan’s new track is a seductive pop gem about finding a deep connection with a stranger while traveling. Kaylan explain to Billboard about the song: “'Stranger' is about meeting someone in a hot, faraway place where no one else knows your name. There has always been something really exciting to me about that anonymous feeling you have when you’re abroad. You can let go the hangups you have at home, and it sort heightens emotional intensity.”

The song was inspired by actual events, during a trip to Barcelona. “I met someone who I had this unexpected, deep connection with,” Kalyan recalls. I think it felt deeper because the transient nature a holiday romance. It’s like the Julie Delpy film, Before Sunrise, where two young people meet by chance on a train, but only have one night together before they go back home to different parts the world.”

“Sometimes these kinds experiences stay with us forever,” he adds.

Check out the track below.

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