Pop punk artist Sophia Bel is wide awake at “2AM (And I Did It Again)”,

If you’re looking for a mix of Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears or enjoy current artists like Soccer Mommy, Montreal-based singer-producer Sophia Bel is definitely right up your alley. Apart from her past releases, which experimented with electro-pop and trip-hop, her newest track, “2AM (And I Did It Again)”, is a throwback to the soft grunge 90s and 2000s emo pop.

The scratchy guitar really helps set the scene, really kicking in at the chorus with the help of a steady drum. Her vocals have a sweet sneer to them, reminiscent of 2000s punk rock. They contrast nicely with the very genuine lyrics about having a hard time expressing feelings. However, the string of “yeah yeah yeahs” in the chorus really adds to that effortlessly cool vibe.

Sophia shares this of her single, "It’s a paralyzing feeling - being unable to speak your truth. When words are not spoken out loud, when questions are too scary to ask and feelings are withheld, there is no escaping - the storm is only delayed. '2AM (And I Did It Again)' is an anthem for anyone who has ever written a letter with no destination address or a text too terrifying to send.”

Along with the track, Bel announces her debut LP Anxious Avoidant, set out to release in spring 2022.

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