Pom Poms release addicting “Stoned and Lonely” [Video]

Pom Poms brilliantly fuse '90s inspired garage rock with a throwback psych sunshine-dipped pop sound in their latest single and video, "Stoned and Lonely." With bright guitar riffs, soulful rock vocals, and an attention grabbing hook, "Stoned and Lonely" is a candid pandemic era anthem all about yearning for closeness.

"Stoned and Lonely" was written when lead singer Jessie Payo relocated to Palm Springs during the height of the pandemic and coped with her boredom and longing for human connection by turning to weed. She confides, "I felt a lot of people could resonate with the feeling and the longing to connect in a time when most of us were at home left to our own devices." With lyrics discussing missed connections, the monotony of everyday life during isolation, and mind altering decisions while under the influence, "Stoned and Lonley" is a raw and honest narrative of the perils of spending too much time alone. While the subject matter of the song might be heavy, the accompanying composition is a light-hearted vibrant affair with delightful pop-oriented surf rock landscapes and infectious melodies. In the music video, Payo is seen dancing dressed as a chicken, playing guitar in an alien mask and cozying up to an inflatable hot dog. Her altered and often comical hazy state of imagination while being high is brilliantly highlighted by director Riley Bray.

Pom Poms were founded in 2015 by Southern California based multi-instrumentalist producer Billy Mohler and singer-songwriter Jessie Payo. Brought together by their love of David Lynch, Blondie and John Waters, the duo released their debut full length album in 2017 and have since opened for the likes of Kate Nash. With a timeless rock n'roll sound and witty lyrics, Pom Poms continue to impress with "Stoned and Lonely".

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