PM Lowe Announces Upcoming LP & Shares New Single “Back At It”

Hip Hop artist PM Lowe introduces his forthcoming album Vengeance with the knockout track “Back At It.” The rap song is accompanied by a Metal Gear-inspired music video, directed by Timothy Lens. Being a huge fan of Metal Gear Solid 2, the American rapper reimagines a modernized setting of the game.

PM Lowe explains, “I’ve always been a fan of the colors and aesthetics that game had, so my plan was to try to urbanize that. Tim, he helped me bring that to light. I had at least 70% of the visual done in my head, Tim brought it home with some extra angles, camera positioning, and editing.”

In this new track, the Georgia-based artist calls out all the people in the industry who have turned their backs on him. Lowe tells his story in full transparency, saying, “Back then didn’t want me when I was down, all of a sudden, got me some money now they wanna listen. They just wanna be a part of the story when they finally figure the glory is a product that they wanna witness.”

Lowe admits that in order to write “Back At It” he had to look back and reflect, “We all have those moments where we just sit back and say “Wow, I made it this far, after all those times, it made me into who and what I am today.” It’s nice to reflect from time to time.” 

That raw and genuine energy is transmitted in his lyrics, Give me a minute let’s how I’ma say this/ Give me a minute let me flip up my cadence/ Hold on big dawg, I remember them days/ Back in the days when I tried to get plays from/ DJ’s who used to straight lie in my face, told me that they heard the tape/ ‘Dawg, your CD is crazy’/ ‘Thanks the thing is I don’t even burn CD’s.’”

Vengeance that includes “Back At It” is set to come out December 2nd.

Watch the official video for “Back At It” here:

Listen to “Back At It” on Spotify:

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