PinkPantheress Joins Forces With Kaytranada on Clingy-Girlfriend Anthem ‘Do You Miss Me?’ 

PinkPantheress is obsessed. The U.K. songstress is the embodiment of clingy on her latest single, the Kaytranada-produced “Do You Miss Me?” In fact, she’s so consumed by her infatuation that she doesn’t even care if she has to share.

“I can’t let go of your hand/I can’t even breathe without you I don’t think you understand/I love to watch you as you speak/When you say the words I love you, tell me when you fall asleep,” she gushes in the opening verse.

The tone of potential unrequited emotions that rises to the surface when she asks “do you miss me?” on the chorus boils over on the second verse. “Went downstairs to make a coffee in the morning how you like/But all I wanted was to scream/When I saw one of her messages that popped up on your screen/Do you miss me, miss me?/Does she miss you too?”

Then comes the plot twist: “I can be discreet if you don’t want her seeing you/With me on your arm because I know you can’t tell her yet/Practice my I do’s when I’m home because I know I still want you.”

PinkPantheress is truly in it for the long haul, whatever that may entail. But patience has paid off for her in the past. Her collaboration with Kaytranada resulted from an extended period of time during which she incessantly named the producer and DJ as a dream collaborator. Since the release of her debut Mixtape To Hell With It last year, she has spoken her dream into existence.


“I was a fan before finding out that you liked my music,” Kaytranada told PinkPantheress during their recent Rolling Stone Musicians on Musicians interview. And even before that, the singer had been toying around with producing beats for her friends, admitting to trying to make one that was “as Kaytranada-inspired as possible,” though she said, “it’s fucking terrible.”

At the end of their conversation, the pair teased a forthcoming collaboration — likely “Do You Miss Me?” — with the quiet excitement of someone sitting on a hit. “I’m really excited for people to hear what we have,” PinkPantheress said, to which Kaytranada added: “This is gonna be insane. They’re not ready for that.”