Pink Transforms a Grocery Store Into a Dance Club in ‘Never Gonna Not Dance Again’ Video

Pink is all-smiles and laughs as she vows to always show off her best dance moves on her vibrant, disco-infused single “Never Gonna Not Dance Again,” and its video, which dropped Friday.

The video opens with a bubblegum-blowing Pink shopping at a grocery store while rollerskating through the aisles, wearing a colorful outfit as she mocks a misbehaved little girl throwing a tantrum.

“I’m never going to not dance again,” Pink sings in the catchy chorus produced by Max Martin and Shellback, as two other roller skaters join in as she rolls past the tortilla aisle, singing how she wishes her life was “a Whitney Houston song.”

After paying for her groceries and some gay pride flags, Pink goes into the parking lot as some boring folks watch as she shows off her best disco dance moves. The group outside drop everything they’re doing (literally) and follows the singer into the store.

The grocery store then transforms into a disco ball dancefloor as the characters from the video show off their best dance moves to the song’s catchy chorus.

The dancey track — which she is set to debut live at the American Music Awards — is her second this year after releasing “Irrelevant.” She dropped her live album All I Know So Far: Setlist last year, which featured tracks like “Cover Me In Sunshine” with her daughter Willow and “All I Know So Far.”

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The artist has been teasing the release of “Never Not Gonna Dance” for several days. Yesterday she posted a video on Instagram where she pretended to be a grocery store worker, saying “Excuse me? Do you want to try a sample? It’s spicy as fuck.”

She also asked fans to call 1-888-262-PINK where fans could hear a snippet from her new song, receive a free sample of “Vicious Bitches Chips’es,” or listen to a “tip of the day.” She made a funny infomercial about trying the ultra-spicy chips.

“Stop taking other people’s advice,” she says in the audio.