Picture of Jamella Jè Ping Me For Location

“Ping Me For Location”: Jameella Jè’s Empowering & Magnetic New Release

Jameella Jè, a remarkable artist from New York, shares her latest single, “Ping Me For Location.” This new track symbolizes the singer’s path to success, highlighting personal growth and claiming her role as a performer. With genuine self-confidence and a contagious energy, she captivates audiences, creating an immersive experience. Through her music, the up-and-coming talent aims to promote self-worth and self-love.

“Ping Me For Location” exudes an irresistible air of confidence and power. Jameella fearlessly embraces her accomplishments, communicating positive and inspiring emotions to her listeners and creating an uplifting experience for them. Jè effortlessly rises above the ordinary, reaching new heights. Her magnetic presence and irresistible charm radiate, commanding attention, and earning admiration.

With her infectious aura, blazes her own trail. Jameella’s charismatic presence ignites a competitive fire in those aspiring to follow in her footsteps. Inviting her listeners to come into her vibrant world, she sings: “When I step it’s an occasion/ Everyday with me be celebration/ Ping me for location/ When I step it’s an occasion/ Everyday with me be celebration/ Ping me for location.”

Jè’s career has garnered immense acclaim, propelled by standout tracks like “You Know” and “Come Thruu.” The new single, “Ping Me For Location,” showcases her exceptional talent in creating emotionally charged songs. Inspired by influential artists including Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson, Meiway, Dada KD, Bob Marley, and Sade, Jameella strives to emulate their craftsmanship, aiming to infuse her own music with the same level of artistry.

Listen to “Ping Me For Location” below: