“Picasso” By Runaway Generation’s RND Freeman And Jupleci Is Out (WATCH)

Runaway Generation artists Jupleci and RND Freeman just released their latest music video for the new track “Picasso.” This fun track has all the ingredients to go viral. The visuals, released a few weeks after the single, captures both rappers in an original concept. They appear on TV as sports commentators while funny statements appear at the bottom of the screen replacing the usual ‘breaking news,’ such as “future elected mayor of pluto,” “social distancing now required at 33ft,” or “Snoop gives up weed.”  

This track finds Jupleci and RND Freeman rapping effortlessly, cruising over the smooth beat and sophisticated instrumental. The melodic songwriting and atmospheric beats blend in perfectly, creating an exciting pace throughout the track. Make sure to keep the two Runaway Generation Hip-Hop artists on your radar in 2021, and who knows, maybe they will drop a full project together. 

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