Pianist And Singer-Songwriter Chris Merlin Releases Magically Inspiring Piano-Ballad Titled “Million Lights”

2020 marks the beginning of a new decade. One thing that we’ve learned throughout 2019 is the importance of love and sharing. Chris Merlin does just that with her latest release, a magically inspiring song entitled “Million Lights.” This piano-driven ballad is an ode to memories from childhood and everything that has made us who we are today. 

This pop ballad aligns with the cycle of life described by eastern philosophies and as Merlin states, “ Even today, we are shaping what we will be and what we will do tomorrow. Nothing is over, everything starts all over again.” 

Chris Merlin strives to share her most passionate self with her audience and spread an empowering message emphasizing the importance to believe in ourselves, to open our eyes and wings to fully realize our immense potential as humans. Whilst most mortals struggle with this approach, Merlin seems to effortlessly float above us, showing the way, and frankly, creating unbelievable magical music. 

The artwork for the song is beautiful in itself and perfectly fits with Merlin’s music, expressing universal beauty, with a striking contrast between nature’s fragility and power. 

Have a listen for yourself and dive into Chris Merlin’s uniquely soothing soundscapes and lyrics. Don’t forget to give her a follow on Instagram.