Phoenix Drop Icy New Single ‘Winter Solstice’ From Upcoming New LP

Phoenix continued to preview their upcoming new album Alpha Zulu Thursday with the video for the LP’s icy latest single, “Winter Solstice.”

Unlike every other track on the French band’s first album since 2017’s Te Amo, “Winter Solstice” is the only song on Alpha Zulu that wasn’t composed by Phoenix together in the studio.

Recorded over separate continents, Phoenix’s Lauren Brancowitz, Christian Mazzalai, and Deck D’Arcy built the loop for the track, which they sent over to singer Thomas Mars to build out. “Winter Solstice” marks the first time Phoenix created a song apart yet together.

The band also re-teamed with directors Warren Fu — who they previously collaborated with on the Te Amo visuals — and Saoli Nash for the German Expressionism-inspired video for “Winter Solstice.”

“We love the slow pace and painterly compositions of early cinema,” the directors said in a statement. “The stark simplicity of orthochromatic film and analogue techniques fit the song like a glove… if songs had hands and needed gloves.”

Alpha Zulu arrives Nov. 4. Phoenix have previously shared the title track and Ezra Koenig-featuring “Tonight” from the album.

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