Philadelphia vocalist Moses Mosima wears his emotions on his sleeve in “Pretty” [Video]

If there's one thing the new generation of burgeoning songwriters aren't afraid to do, it's talk about their mental health. Potentially helping millions along the way, the last decade has seen an influx of songwriters speaking candidly about things like depression, personality disorders and more, as opposed to only the highs in life. In doing this, the conversation about mental health has changed on the large scale, allowing for people to feel more comfortable discussing their mental states. One of the artists looking to add his commentary is Philadelphia native Moses Mosima, who checks in for the first time with his poignant new single, "Pretty."

Directed by Riley of HBC and Mosima himself, the video finds its footing in simplicity. Utilizing a wonderful one shot of Moses singing in the street with flowers as his microphone, they do a brilliant job of conveying the genuine tone set by the record. Produced by the Philly native himself, the record is a lyrically driven tale about learning to love yourself in the face of self-destructive tendencies. "Unashamed and unbroken about who it is I see, loving me is harder at times than it's supposed to be," croons Moses in one of the verses, establishing the conflicting nature of trying to love yourself when it's not so easy. 

With the release of his project, Cul-de-sac, on the horizon, now would be a good time to get hip to Moses Mosima. Take a peek at the video for "Pretty" above.

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