Petit Biscuit & Lido's Hit "Problems" Just Got A Sexy New Official Remix [MUST LISTEN]

We named Petit Biscuit’s debut album Presence as our , so our love for his music is already well documented. Likewise, we’ve featured growing artist Heroless a number of times before. The same can be said of Lido. So when Heroless was featured on the Problems Remix EP from Petit Biscuit, we took notice.

Lido’s seductive voice featured prominently on the collaboration, accompanied by wistful, uplifting chords and melodies. It was an entirely hopeful track that exuded love and faith in the future, despite its title. Heroless brings an extra flavor to the collaboration that makes us wonder if this wouldn’t have sounded better as the original.

One little element from Heroless made all the difference… that damn bass guitar. That plucky rhythm and vibe does less to change the original and more to build upon it and bring it to a new level. Rather than a remix, it’s more like a two-point-oh version, and it’s oh so good.

Listen to the full remix EP , and check out the Heroless remix below.

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