Pete Townshend Ditches Home Studio, Keeps Neve Console Used on ‘Quadrophenia’

After 26 years, Pete Townshend has parted ways with his residence in Richmond, London, leaving behind his home studio.

“It’s been a wrench,” Townshend wrote on Instagram. “Moving house is never any fun.” He notes that he helped Ronnie Wood — who owned the house before him — build the home studio. Thankfully, Townshend was able to take his Neve BCM10 with him, a console he’s used for countless Who records.

“I mixed Live at Leeds on it,” he wrote. “I recorded the piano for “Love Reign O’er Me” on it. I did all the synthesizer backing tracks for Quadrophenia, the music for Ken Russell’s Tommy movie, and “Baba O’Riley,” “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” This console has so much mojo for me. I truly love it. I’ve rarely managed to get a bad sound out of it.”

Townshend confirmed he relocated his studio to the English countryside, where he’ll hopefully be working on new music soon.

The guitarist recently spoke with Rolling Stone about the deluxe edition of The Who Sell Out and his time in lockdown. “I love being in my studio and I love working and I hate being on the road, away from home,” he said. “And so I was happy for six months. But now, like everybody, I kind of yearn to be free and to see people. I miss people very much, and even fans, and even journalists [laughs].”

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