Pendulum Reveal Next Track From Upcoming Remix Album

Still a little more than two months until we get the full The Reworks album from Pendulum, and this Friday we’re getting our third single from the release. We’ve already heard Noisia’s remix of “Hold Your Colour” and Knife Party’s remix of “Blood Sugar,” and neither remix has been without its fair share of criticism. Can we hope that this remix of “Tarantula” from Icarus can escape the cycle?

Again, the teaser we get from Pendulum is almost maddeningly short… scratch that, it is maddeningly short. We hardly get anything but a few synth sweeps and the semblance of a percussion rhythm, and that’s all. Even worse, there’s hardly any sound of the original “Tarantula” in the preview, so we’re left with more questions than answers.

If they were going for the blue balls route, I commend them for getting it right; but I’m not happy about it.

Look out for the Icarus remix of “Tarantula” this Friday.

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