Paul Banks' New Band Muzz Play a Museum Gig in 'Knuckleduster' Clip

, the new band fronted by Interpol’s Paul Banks, perform underneath a museum in the video for their new single “Knuckleduster.”

The song is brighter and more reminiscent of Banks’ alt-rock roots than Muzz’s prior singles, and the visual, shot in the basement of the American Treasure Tour Museum near Philadelphia, is a masterclass in how to dynamically film a rock band performance.

Starting off with some solid drum work by Matt Barrick (of the Walkmen, Jonathan Fire*Eater and Fleet Foxes’ touring band), the clip intercuts his performance with the band running down a long, industrial hallway toward the camera and their instruments. Barrick is then joined by guitarist Josh Kaufman (producer/multi-instrumentalist of folk group Bonny Light Horseman), and then finally by Banks, who sports a freshly-dyed green head of hair.

“While we were shooting the video for ‘Red Western Sky,’ we discovered this great space underneath the museum. Unplanned, we quickly set up and started filming again — capturing the video for ‘Knuckleduster’ on the same day,” Banks says. “Hair was greener and times were simpler back then.”

Although the three bandmates are long-time friends, and have been recording together as Muzz since 2015, the band officially debuted this past March with the singles “Broken Tambourine” and “Bad Feeling,” and later shared “Red Western Sky.” The band will release their self-titled debut on June 5th Matador Records.