Paris Jackson Responds To Absence From Janet Jackson's BMAs Performance

Paris Jackson has engrained herself more and more into the limelight, and with that, she's been having to deal with the issues that plague many a celebrity-- a public audience that demands an explanation when it comes to your every move (or lack thereof), the unrelenting eyes of the paparazzi, and the gossip mill. When it comes to the rumors, it's been building up that the daughter of Michael Jackson is currently dating former model Cara Delevigne.

Now for the public demanding an explanation: Jackson was noticeably absent from the Billboard Music Awards, where her aunt, Janet Jackson, was performing. Thus, the people want to know why. Perhaps adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Paris' siblings and mother were in attendance.

Paris Jackson took to her Instagram Stories today where she addressed her missing presence, however the cryptic response may just be fanning the flame, yet again.

In her Instagram Story, she writes across a few posts:

"Dear social media followers, friends, stalkers, lovers and haters, and fellow moonwalkers: Please do not tell me/demand/try to control how I handle my relationship with the people in my life, specifically my family. As amazing and as shitty as things can be, it is no one’s business but ours. I understand that some of you feel some sort of connection or need to be apart (sic) of our lives considering you watched us grow up. However, I am handling my situation exactly how my father did. And I am happy keeping it that way. I will always have love and respect for my family. ALWAYS."

What do you make of her statement?

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