PAPER FACE embrace the grind on “Easier”

In almost every aspect of life, the most challenging of circumstances normally yield the most valuable results, and on their third single to date, Berlin based future pop outfit, PAPER FACE , take aim at the "Easier," and perhaps more self-destructive route.

Touching on the song's inception in an email statement, the duo of Aden Jaron and Daniel Grunenberg share that, "isn't it so much easier to fuck shit up than to build something resourceful? When I moved to LA quite a while back, I couldn't pay my bills anymore at some stage. I had to leave LA and start a 9-5 - I literally thought I was failing at life. I learnt so much in that job though that I am grateful for and wouldn't want to miss looking back. That's where the idea for 'Easier' originated from!"

Despite their somewhat newcomer status, novices they are not, with their backgrounds as gold & platinum-certified songwriters and producers informing their irrefutably addictive and meticulously polished tracks right out of the gate.

The hits keep coming with their latest effort, "Easier," which juxtaposes critical yet relatable personal reflections against their distinctly blood-pumping future pop. As Aden's honeyed vocals glide across the filtered introduction, the lyrical themes hold your attention firmly as the production builds in a colorful and momentous anticipation. In typical PAPER FACE fashion, "Easier" then explosively switches gears into its more movement-focused, synth-led passage, and sees the anthemic vocal hooks pushed into new rhythmic pockets by hard-hitting drums and a buoyant synth bass that's sure to get you at least nodding along in mere seconds. Needless to say, the energy and inversed positivity is insurmountable, and with a start as strong this, expect big things from PAPER FACE, 2021 and beyond.

"Easier" is available now via PAPER TOWN.

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