Owner Of "Club Lust" In Brooklyn Files $125 Million Blackmail Case Against NYPD

A NYC club owner claims he was the target of blackmail by a high ranking officer of the law. Sunset Park Love & Lust club owner Imran Jairam says his venue was unfairly targeted by Brooklyn Police Officers and the State Liquor Commission. Jairam alleges that former NYPD Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez came to him in 2017 demanding a hand-out. According to Jairam, Gonzalez was hoping to finance a trip to Puerto Rico, and selected him as the guinea for his extortion agenda.

A $125 million notice of claim has been presented to the NY Police Dept. by the hip hop club owner. The NYPD Captain's Endowment Association has taken up their former deputy's cause by insisting he was unfairly accused. “This is a crooked club looking to shift focus from their bad conduct by making spurious allegations against an outstanding commander,” said Association President Roy Richter in a statement published by the New York Post. The NYPD's general offices have not been available for comment.

Jairam says he suffered through three years of "biased and selective enforcement." The claim also contends that police officers, including Gonzalez, acted together in the hopes of "driving him out of business." Club Lust regularly plays host to celeb-rapper appearances and performances, and is thus considered an important part of the Brooklyn hip hop scene.

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