Oschino Says Beanie Sigel Court Story Is True After Joe Budden Claims Jay-Z Debunked It: ‘This Ain’t No Hearsay’

Oschino added that he didn’t understand why Jay would make the trip from New York City to Philadelphia on behalf of Sigel just to tell the judge no. He also stated that he couldn’t understand leaving a friend in jail or Jay-Z having the audacity to lie about what he said in court.

“The whole point of this video was to say I can’t believe he said it was cap if he really said that cause I mean everybody seen it, I was right there,” Oschino said. “This ain’t no hearsay. I was right in the second row looking right at it when he said it and I couldn’t believe he said it. But like I always say I just don’t understand that thinking.”

He added, “I’m not saying who wrong or right. I just don’t understand that thinking I’m from the ghetto for real. I was raised in the streets for real and I got a different outlook on things that, which sometimes might not be right.”

Beanie Sigel was charged with attempted murder in July 2003 for allegedly shooting at a man during an argument. One of the bullets hit one victim in the foot and another in the stomach. The first trial, in which Jay-Z took the stand, ended in a mistrial after the jury couldn’t come to a conclusion after deliberating for five days. Sigel was retried in 2005 and acquitted of all charges.

Sigel addressed Hov taking the stand during his visit to Drink Champs in 2021. According to Sigel, Hov telling the judge he wouldn’t be responsible for Beans hurt their relationship and left the Philly native feeling let down.

“I’ve never been crushed like that ever in my life,” he said. “‘Cause I’m like, ‘Damn, this is my man’ […] That fucked me up. That took away a lot of shit that I thought we had. Like, that’s big bro.”

He added, “I believe at that time, Jay was thinking that I was unpredictable. I was bugging. I know I was out of pocket. I was uncontrollable.”