Online Ceramics and André 3000 Debut ‘New Blue Sun’ Tour Capsule

André 3000 and Online Ceramics have partnered up for a trippy New Blue Sun tour capsule.

Based on André’s debut instrumental album, which was released last year, the eye-catching capsule includes intricate pieces like tees of the artist superimposed with a panther, and on the back, a message that reads, “Thank You for Being Here.”

A pink sweatshirt shows André playing his signature flute, with “My Technique Is In the Wind” written beneath, while another black hoodie also displays the Outkast member playing the woodwind instrument, under a message that reads “Close Your Eyes and See.” The capsule features more key pieces, like a statement hoodies and cap, both reading “New Eternity’s Sun Rise.” On select tees, hoodies and a tee are 3000’s New Blue Sun tour dates, which the artist concluded on March 9 in Los Angeles.

After the final night of New Blue Sun tour, André headed to California, where he currently resides, to perform a series at the art exhibit, Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy. On March 18 and March 19, the musician was joined by Carlos Niño, Nate Mercereau, Surya Botofasina, and Deantoni Parks to perform for an intimate crowd at a “revival of the world’s first amusement park.”

The capsule is exclusively available on the Online Ceramics online store.