One Year After ‘Liquor Store,’ Remi Wolf Talks Sobriety

Remi Wolf’s debut album Juno is an exhilarating introduction to the California artist’s psychedelic mind. In the latest installment of the Green Room — filmed ahead of her set at Lollapalooza in Chicago — she talks about how sobriety influenced her approach to music-making.

Following the success of her project I’m Allergic To Dogs, which featured the TikTok hit “Photo ID,” Remi Wolf entered rehab. “Liquor Store,” her lead single from Juno, was the first song she recorded after returning to Los Angeles to begin composing her debut project. She says the track was carthatic, yet amazing. 

“Writing that bridge of that song — when the keys comes in and the chords change up, I was crying,” she admits. “I felt very, very, very proud of the song afterwards… just knowing it was my entire being I put into that one.”

In a period of rebuilding herself, music serves as her therapy. But even in a parallel universe, if she weren’t a singer, she’d be still be an artist.  

“I’d either be a chef or a painter; an artist of some kind. don’t think I’d be able to do anything other than [make art]. Whatever this parallel universe would be, I’d have to be the leader of it.”

For more of the conversation with Remi Wolf, watch the full video above.