Omer Kringel Drops Lifeful Collection OKAN PROJECT

Omer Kringel, an Israeli artist, just released his debut album – a daring, unique, and expressive collection that explores the web of unique sounds, love, energy, and hope. The title of the album OKAN means Heart in the Yoruba language, and it’s an expression of Omer Kringel’s deep wonder into other cultures, as well as the outcome of his long travels in South America. 

The collection includes 10 equally original compositions delivered in different languages. The album refers to many music genres and blends them into the personal, colorful and vivid style of the artist that dares to experiment and create his own musical approach. 

“OKAN PROJECT” is a warm stream-of-consciousness on family, love, and life. Debut albums aren’t easy to serve but on OKAN PROJECT, Omer Kringel’s effortless, nonchalant delivery makes it sound mature and perfectly calculated.  

Listen to Omer Kringel’s work below: