Olivia Swann explores toxicity, obsession and lust on groovy single “Gaslight”

Olivia Swann comes together with fellow UK artist and multi-instrumentalist LionHaire on groovy single “Gaslight,” which offers a richly layered R&B soundscape underpinned by Swann’s bold vocals. With a sultry feel awakened by an intricate combination of reggae rhythms, live horns and pulsing basslines, the anthemic track is grounded by its raw message on toxicity and gaslighting.

Originally written as a demo for Rihanna, “Gaslight,” is a catchy production that shines a light on Swann’s quick-witted lyricism and smooth yet punchy vocal timbre as she launches into much-needed conversations about hidden power dynamics within a relationship. Drawn from her personal experience, the Berklee College of Music graduate delivers an empowering narrative that encourages each one of us to open our eyes to the reality of a situation, breaking free from the hold of seduction and chemistry.

Brimming with attitude brought alive by the contrasting vocals of Lionhaire and Swann, the polished, summery feel of the reggae-influenced sonics produced by  Symphony bely the heaviness and realism of the track’s song writing.  The intoxicating track is accompanied by a music video which adds dimension to the tale that Swann weaves. With multi-talented artist Cameo Adele at its heart, the video which intertwines references to Swann’s sexuality for the first time, is a vivid look at the complexities of obsession and lust, working in tandem with the track to bring attention to the subtle signs that spell trouble in relationships.

On her fifth release in quick succession, Swann establishes herself as more than a newcomer with her ability to deliver one banger after another. Having made her debut last year with “Salty,” the genre-hopping young act whose artistry is defined by her defiance of the industry’s expectations, has unfailingly caught our attention with each release – and “Gaslight” is no exception.

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