Olivia Munn Has a Terrible Time at the DMV in Imagine Dragons’ ‘Cutthroat’ Video

Olivia Munn tops all unpleasant DMV experiences in Imagine Dragons’ new video for “Cutthroat.”

The video features Munn arriving at the DMV to see an employee smothering herself in lipstick, and it all goes downhill from there: Munn is the 99th person in line, her pencil breaks filling out a form, and her driving instructor (Adrian Martinez) drinks soup on their ride. She later speeds through the desert, abandoning Martinez on the side of the road.

The band released “Cutthroat” in March alongside the single “Follow You.” The video for the latter stars It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia stars Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson. The band has yet to announce the title of their upcoming album, produced by Rick Rubin.

Frontman Dan Reynolds recently told Rolling Stone that “Cutthroat” and other songs on the LP are about the “finality” of life. “That song is really an exorcism of self-loathing,” Reynolds said. “I feel like I’ve spent a lot of years of my life kind of [feeling] ‘woe is me.’ I don’t know if depression is a genetic thing for me or whether it came from religious crisis … that was the focus of all my music, and [there was] a great amount of focus on self. And that song is about kind of exorcising, trying to cut out, that self-pity, and embracing life and all that I’ve been given.”