Oliver Heldens Joins Don Diablo In Dedicating New Song To Avicii

Plenty of DJs and producers have done tributes to Avicii since a little over a month ago, but only has been bold enough to try creating a song in his honor. Undergoing such a monumental task is not easy, neither in actual technical ability nor in moral authenticity. Now, Oliver Heldens is going to try, as well.

Tweeting yesterday, Heldens wrote, “I feel like writin a song about Avicii, but I don’t wanna disrespect anyone at the same time, so it’s prob gonna be some prog house, cause that’s Avicii to me: the best melodies.”

For the most part, fans are receptive to the idea and supporting him. They do have one caveat: release it for free, or donate the proceeds to mental health awareness charities. Can’t argue with that.

While we usually hear some variant of future house from Heldens, and in fact haven’t heard a new song from him since November last year (not counting HI-LO), a progressive house attempt honoring Avicii would be brilliant to receive.

Perhaps this is just an idea, a musing, at this point, but we’re now left waiting to hear what it could be.



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