Ohio Rockers South of Eden Tear Through ‘The Talk’ in New Video

Ohio rock outfit South of Eden have released a new video for “The Talk,” the booming title-track from their recent EP.

“The Talk” is classic soft-loud stuff, with frontman Ehab Omran using his brilliant wail to guide the rest of the band between simmering verses and headbang-happy choruses. The new video, directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz, captures South of Eden delivering a dynamic performance of the cut in a studio space filled with wild lighting and projections that add a psychedelic element to the mix.

“This video ties all the ideas from the record together,” Omran tells Rolling Stone. “Distorted views, unclear agendas, the masses following along and a sense of unsettling tension. All accompanied by a mixture of emotions, moods and lights.”

Omran adds that South of Eden filmed the video for “The Talk” during the pandemic while following strict social distancing guidelines to keep everyone safe. “Temperature [checks] on arrival, masks, social distancing the whole nine yards,” he says. “Kinda hard to read the cameraman’s face when you can’t see it! The craziest part was the director [Ortiz] was monitoring on a Zoom call from a different state! Everyone did such an awesome job and were so professional about it, it ended being an awesome experience. I’m interested to see what the world looks like when it opens back up again.”

South of Eden released The Talk EP at the end of August. The band formed in Columbus, Ohio, and has opened for an array of groups, including Foo Fighters, System of a Down, Puddle of Mudd and Red Sun Rising. Jason Flom signed South of Eden to his label Lava Records, and the band is currently prepping a debut album to be released later this year.