Off-White Founder & Popular DJ Virgil Abloh Taking Several Months Off Over Health Concerns

Virgil Abloh has become the latest artist/entrepreneur to announce he’s taking a break on doctor’s orders. In a phone interview with Vogue earlier this week, he told the publication, “I’m shifting gears.”

“I was just tired, so I went to the doctor,” he said. “Ultimately, everything is fine, but the doctor told me ‘this pace that you’ve sort of pushed your body—to fly all these miles, do all these different projects—is not good for your health.’”

This kind of self care and, more importantly, awareness that something isn’t right is becoming more popular and common among touring musicians who would often tour themselves into the ground rather than cancel a single show. Kayzo, Alison Wonderland, and Cookie Monsta are all artists who have taken a break recently to care for their physical and/or mental health.

“Essentially I’m working from home for the next three months, and in large part all my marketing events I’m cancelling,” Abloh continued.

Abloh says his roles at Louis Vuitton and Off-White won’t be affected by his absence, and he’s taken into account this “seeming hurdle” in his daily activities.


Photo courtesy of Coachella

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