Objects Thrown At Drake On The ‘It’s All A Blur’ Tour, From Bras To Books

First, it began with a phone in Chicago at the start of the tour. Chicago was where he also got his first bra sent his way, this time a 36DD. “Oh yeah, this is definitely how I like it right here,” he said. “God damn, shit. Some knocks—whose is this by the way? This yours? 38DD, never let me down before. Nasty.”

In Detroit, someone tossed Air Jordans his way. “This is what I don’t want to see, a big ass shoe,” Drake said.

Drake liked having a vape thrown at him in Brooklyn even less. He said whoever threw the vape has some “real life evaluating to do.”

It didn’t stop there. He got a 36G bra then a 36L thrown on stage, both of which got Drake and the internet sleuths buzzing about the owners. There was also a purse, and finally Drizzy showed off his quick reflexes catching his own poetry book, Titles Ruin Everything.

The It’s All A Blur tour continues, ending in his hometown of Toronto on Oct 6-7 and Columbus on Oct 9.