Nora En Pure Announces She's Cutting Back On Touring To Focus On Her "Mind & Body"

Nora En Pure is shifting her focus in the new year and putting music first.

After pushing through a rather ambitious touring schedule, the worldwide DJ/producer had decided to cut down on shows moving forward. This is actually a great thing for fans, because this means even more studio time for Nora.

She gives a statement below:

What a year!!! 🙃 Insanely good, but also really intense! In 2020 my touring will change a bit. As previously mentioned, life on the road can be tough at times, and this year I wasn’t happy having to cancel some sets due to sickness. I would prefer not to make a commitment in the first place, rather than having to cancel it. For my mind and body I have therefore decided to cut down a bit on touring in 2020.

She continues:

I’ll have major touring blocks touching down in all the familiar cities and also some new territories, which I’m very excited about, but I’ll also have regular longer touring breaks where I’ll be able to focus more on my music, label, radio show etc, but also enjoy down time.

Going into 2020 with such a positive outlook and laser focus, there’s no doubt Nora En Pure will continue making waves for years to come.

Get ready.

Nora En Pure’s Statement

What a year!!! 🙃 Insanely good, but also really intense! In 2020 my touring will change a bit. As previously…

Posted by Nora En Pure on Sunday, December 22, 2019

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