No Soup For You!!! : Social Media Simmers After Finding Out J.R. Smith Was Suspended For Being A Soup Nazi


Soup Gate: Twitter Reacts To The Reason For J.R. Smith’s Suspension

J.R. Smith has a long list memorable moments on social media from asking if someone “wanted the pipe?” in the DM’s to getting caught in the club taking bottles to the head before a playf game, but this one may take the cake. Earlier this week it was reported that Smith was suspended for the Cav’s game vs 76ers for “undisclosed reasons”, but reporters did some digging and found that the veteran guard was forced to sit due to an altercation where J.R. threw a bowl hot soup on an assistant coach in the locker room.

As always Twitter took the news and ran with it. Check out some the funniest tweets from #SoupGate

















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