Nilüfer Yanya Reimagines a Classic With New Cover of PJ Harvey’s ‘Rid of Me’

Nilüfer Yanya is honoring one of her alt-rock forebears, PJ Harvey, with a new cover of the latter’s 1992 classic, “Rid of Me.”

Yanya’s rendition is largely faithful to the original as she builds up some unbearable tension with the steady guitar chug. But rather than let the song sit in its own lo-fi haze, Yanya heightens the track with atmospheric synths and pulls back on the first big flare-up, saving the cathartic, chaotic explosion for the very end. 

In a statement, Yanya said, “’Rid of Me”’haunted me for many years after I first heard it, but in a comforting kind of way, like I knew it was always there for me. It comes across defiant, alien and twisted, but it is a perfect song. I actually think it’s very romantic despite what some of the lyrics get at.”

Yanya released her most recent album, Painless, back in March. The LP follows her 2019 debut, Miss Universe