Nicolas Michaux dives into retro-futurism on “Amusement Park” [Video]

Belgian songwriter Nicolas Michaux shares the hazy new single "Amusement Park". The modern crooner provides a romantic sepia-toned single that oscillates between tranquility and rousing.

A concoction of warm, melancholic sonics, "Amusement Park" makes the perfect companion on a grey and rainy day. With its lustrous mellow melodies soothing your headspace, the tender vocals from Michaux drift in and out of your consciousness to create a clouded moment in time. Its featherweight wooziness is extremely compelling and its curiosity delves into the depths of retr0-futurism.

"I started writing Amusement Park in the apartment of my friend Grégoire Maus, founder of Capitane Records," he explains. "He has a splendid upright piano which stands there majestically in a corner of the living room. Grégoire and his wife Chantal were out that evening and I was alone in the apartment. I started playing and improvising around a few minor chords and a melody popped into my head. I looked up and next to the piano were some vacation photos taken while Gregory's family was staying in Norway. I started singing very simple words to this melody and pretty soon the song took shape. Holidays in Norway sure were a lot of fun and we starred at the sun for a while”.

Paired with visuals filmed in Copenhagen and directed by Kevin Antoine and François Dubois, it's a showcase of wandering through vacant spaces whilst nature continues to push back. Aiming to "express the fragility of beauty and love in the face of the long work of demolition", the visuals take aim at the human condition of needing to destroy the natural world around us. "We are all more or less fallen angels," Nicholas continues. "Wild animals circling their cages, Greek gods wandering across shopping malls parking lots."

Nicolas Michaux's evocative lyricism is what clearly sets him apart from the rest. His soothing vocals say something that makes us want to do better and encourage us really take in the world around us.

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