Nicki Minaj & YG Check Fan Who Asked If Eminem Wrote Her "Big Bank" Verse

Of all the singles released overnight, one of the biggest has to be YG's star-studded affair on "Big Bank." With 2 Chainz, Big Sean and Nicki Minaj on the track, four of the most popular rappers collided to make a hit. As Nicki promoted the song on her socials, she quoted her "Slim Shady" lyric, later responding to a fan who asked if she and Eminem were dating with a simple "yes." Playing up the facade along with Em, Nicki has been fooling the entire universe as reports continue to pour out detailing their new "relationship." One of her fans seemingly crossed the line when they asked if Eminem wrote her songs for her, prompting Nicki to snap at them, with YG backing her up fully.

In a since-deleted comment, the fan suggested that Em had written Minaj's "Big Bank" verse and, according to the Queen herself, YG stood up for her, checking the fan right away. Chiming in on Twitter, Nicki wrote, "Someone rlly just asked if Eminem wrote my verse. thank you @yg for checking him. He deleted it with the quickness. All the REAL rappers in the game know & give me my props. Y'all try to take everything from women. But just know: even when it's no longer "trendy" to write ur own raps, I WILL ALWAYS write my own!!!" Patting herself on the back, Nicki affirms that she stands her own with all the men in the game, something that most will undoubtedly agree on.

With the fan deleting their own comment, they seem to have realized the error in their ways. It might not be the smartest idea to mess with Nicki Minaj because she will fight back.

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