Nicki Minaj Spars With Impatient Fans After Delaying Announcement

Was it fair for Nicki Minaj to tease a big announcement and then pull out? To be frank, it hardly matters if those same fans line up next season, they are of their own free will. When Nicki Minaj cancelled her appearance on the Ellen Show, she made a peace offering to her fans in the form of a major announcement, supposedly taking place some time yesterday, at her discretion.

As the hours passed her fans grew impatient, some even sounding off on their idol without as much of word of encouragement for her "health concerns." One Twitter user would even question her whereabouts: "half your TL is busy tomorrow sis, wyd?" The urgency of her fans inquietude, was perhaps no match for her own, but she never the less declared her intentions to go online in an hour or so, notifying her fans Twitter to stay alert.

When that didn't come to pass either, her fans grew even more angry, and Nicki was forced to delay her announcement for another ten or so hours, her reason: she wanted to be inclusive to global fans. That didn't go over too well as you can imagine. Fans grew even more livid. It's at this point that Nicki Minaj toyed with the idea of nixing the announcement altogether, sending her fan base into damage control. Many of her "Barbies" tried to make pretty and it seemed to work, to an extent. Nicki Minaj came around and pleaded with her fans, but alas, still no major announcement. She may have written a check her body couldn't feasibly cash in her state of physical wellness.

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