Nicki Minaj Claims She'll Be Shooting A Movie With Tina Fey

The writing is on the wall. Nicki Minaj is all set to make a triumphant return this summer with her upcoming Queen album; while details are scarce, we've already got a taste of the sonic direction singles "Chun-Li" & "Barbie Tingz." Should you enjoy those, you'll no doubt find much to love about Nicki's homecoming. Plus, it's entirely possible that Minaj will be debuting a new song (allegedly her "favorite track") during her appearance on the Saturday Night Live season finale, which is set to air on May 19th. 

It's evident that Nicki is excited by her upcoming stint on the legendary series, where she will hold it down as musical guest. In the interim, she has decidedly gone full fangirl, sharing an intriguing post on Instagram. While this may very well be hyperbole, Nicki's excited caption seems to suggest that her and Tina Fey will be collaborating on a "movie." Check it out below.

"@SNL SEASON FINALE W|THE ONE & ONLY TINA FKN FEY. GOTTA BE FKN KIDDING ME. OMG. SHE & I are shooting our movie after Saturday’s show airs," writes Minaj. "Yikesssssssssssss. Get ya whole fkn LIFE HOES!!!! In fact, that’s the name of the movie." Perhaps Queen is set to have a cinematic counterpart; it wouldn't be the first album to come equipped with an accompanying film. If that is indeed the case, it would be surprising if it actually went on to be titled "Get Ya Whole Fkn LIFE HOES." Either way, we're here for a Tina Fey/Nicki Minaj collaboration.

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