Nicki Minaj Apologizes for Postponed Concert After Arrest, Says She Plans to Have Lawyers ‘Take It From Here’

In a subsequent post on Twitter, Minaj shed light on the situation.

“Thank you to everyone who prayed for me today,” she wrote. “May God cover you & all that is connected to you. May you be blessed beyond your imagination.”

Minaj continued by accusing Dutch police of attempting to prevent her from performing on Saturday.

“That’s why they had to do the big song & dance b/c they knew I’d still find a way to perform even if it came down to my last 90 mins in the building which would have been until 1130pm,” she explained. “The building was willing to go past 11pm. So grateful to them for that.”

According to the ‘Pink Friday 2’ rapper, she also plans to take legal action against Amsterdam police, writing, “So they succeeded at their plan to not let me get on that stage tonight. I succeeded @ getting to the root of it all by recording them & posting everything in real time. I have sooooooooo much video evidence. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you. I’ll have the lawyers & GOD take it from here tho.”

The 41-year-old artist filmed her arrest and posted it on Instagram Live and was later released from police custody. Per TMZ, she was fined 350 Euros (around $380).

Read Minaj’s full apology in the tweet below.