Nick Ryan Links Up With Tee Grizzley For New Single “Superstar”

unnamed-65-333x500 Nick Ryan Links Up With Tee Grizzley For New Single “Superstar”

Nick Ryan links up with fellow Michigan native Tee Grizzley for his new single & music video “Superstar.” Ryan, a hip-hop artist, and an entrepreneur has been connecting with some of the most prominent artists in the game. After a meeting with Nick, Tee Grizzley heard his music and instantly wanted to collaborate with another burgeoning star out of THE D. Once the single was released it quickly became a Regional Smash Song.

Ryan manifests his dreams to be a superstar in the song but also shares intimate moments with the listeners throughout the song. Tee Grizzley speaks about his time in prison and the not-so-pretty journey he has been through during the route to the success he dreamed of since his childhood of being a “superstar.”

“I’m a be a superstar

Make a bunch of money drive a brand new car

Life’s so short but I’m a live large

Been through the battles got a lot of scars”

Ryan’s definitely on the route to superstardom and an artist you should keep tabs on because soon everyone will be talking about him non-stop.

From: Michigan

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