Nick Isham shares stirring release “WHEN I DON'T TALK” [Video]

Los Angeles artist Nick Isham has shared a stirring new release called "WHEN I DON'T TALK". This track presents a sincere depiction of the musician's emotional state during relationship drama, underscored by a wistful sonic backdrop.

"WHEN I DON'T TALK"'s graceful instrumental consists of dreamy acoustic guitars that are complemented by hopeful pianos and bittersweet background vocals. Beneath, a brisk drum line creates a driving rhythm that contrasts with the soft guitars and keys. Over top, Isham comes through with some heartfelt vocals that draw the listener in with their elegant melodies. Moreover, his chorus is memorable and engaging, adding even more energy to the track.

The video for "WHEN I DON'T TALK", directed by Dylan Reeves, is dream-like and refreshing, using silky, warm lighting to capture the song's mood. Furthermore, Isham's performance throughout the video is emotive, enforcing the song's personal tone. The video is simplistic yet effective, telling the song's story through stirring, poignant visuals.

Overall, "WHEN I DON'T TALK" is an engaging release from Nick Isham that mixes relatability with catchy songwriting. Paired with an approachable, touching visual, this release is one to revisit again and again. From this release, it is evident that Isham has a lot to offer as an artist, and one can only hope for more from him soon.

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