NEW STUDY: People Reveal Their Biggest Party Regrets, Ranked

Ever go out and then wake up thinking, I can’t believe I did that!? Well, you’re certainly not alone.

A new study by TickPick investigates exactly how people feel about their debaucherous activities the morning after. All the reckless behavior, the scandalous acts — and, oh yes, the regrets. Full results here cover the good, the bad, and the ugly, but we’ve picked out some highlights (and lowlights) just for you.

The most common reckless behavior? Unprotected sex. The most regretted behavior? Vomiting in public. The events with the most reckless behavior tend to be concerts, followed by festivals — go figure.

To lighten the mood, we’ll leave you with the most fun behaviors, which are skinny dipping, day drinking and using psychedelics.

See below TickPick.

25 Most Common Reckless Party Behaviors    

Events with the Most Reckless Behavior

Most Regretted Behaviors 

Most Fun Behaviors 


Source: TickPick

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