New England’s new favorite artist STEVIE is projected to be this year’s top artist!

STEVIE aka steviewitdafiji, has been quickly racking up views on his music and online presence. With a sound that is uniquely him, STEVIE has found a way to blend elements of Hip-Hop, Punk Rock, and RnB into a style that is relatable, emotional, and memorable.

Growing up, STEVIE faced challenges and obstacles that many young people can relate to. Struggling to cope with his emotions and getting into trouble, he found solace and catharsis in music.

With his newfound love for music, STEVIE began to create songs not only for himself, but to share with others who could benefit from the therapeutic quality of his sound. Experiencing bouts of heartbreak, STEVIE has released many songs conveying the vulnerability and strife one often feels after a relationship.

STEVIE goes in depth on this topic with his debut album “LUV SICK” featuring songs such as “till it’s over” and “broken”. The album contains production from STEVIE himself, alongside some notable features from CHANCEY, PLVTO, and Bummy God.

A sequel to “LUV SICK” has been teased on his Instagram @steviewitdafiji. Hopefully we can be expecting a follow up album this year with a possible LUV SICK 2? Fans have expressed their excitement via Instagram and TikTok as we patiently wait for STEVIE’s next release!

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