Myke Towers, TWICE, And All The Songs You Need to Know This Week

WELCOME TO OUR WEEKLY rundown of the best new music — featuring big new singles, key tracks from our favorite albums, and more. This week Miley Cyrus returns with her highly anticipated eighth album, Becky G joins forces with Omega, Lil Keed’s posthumous release, and Tame Impala soundtrack an upcoming Dungeons and Dragons adaptation.

Miley Cyrus, “Jaded” (YouTube)

McKinley Dixon, “Run, Run, Run” (YouTube)

Myke Towers, “Aguardiente” (YouTube)

TWICE, “Set Me Free” (YouTube)

Roísín Murphy & DJ Koze, “CooCool” (YouTube)

Lil Keed, “Self Employed” (YouTube)

Lola Brooke, “So Disrespectful” (YouTube)

Spencer Sutherland, “Summer Camp” (YouTube)

Maluma, “La Reina” (YouTube)

Becky G, featuring Omega, “Arranca” (YouTube)

Meghan Trainor, “Mother” (YouTube)

Nicki Nicole, “No Voy a Llorar” (YouTube)

Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding, “Miracle” (YouTube)

Ashley Mehta, “I Wish I Didn’t Love You”(YouTube)

Bar Italia, “Nurse!” (YouTube)

Tame Impala, “Wings of Time” (YouTube)

The New Pornographers – Pontius Pilate’s Home Movies (YouTube)

Joanna Sternberg, “I’ve Got Me” (YouTube)

Navy Blue, “Chosen” (YouTube)

Millyz “Tonight” (YouTube)

El Michels Affair & Black Thought, “Glorious Game” (YouTube)

Del Barber, “I Told You So” (YouTube)

Bring Prudence, “Midnight” (YouTube)

Corook, “I’m Not Doing Well” (YouTube)


Jim Legxacy, “Old Place” (YouTube)

Drug Church, “Myopic” (YouTube)