Mustard Says He Made “Not Like Us” Beat in 30 Minutes, Was Inspired by Dr. Dre and Lil Jon

Mustard has revealed it took him only 30 minutes to make the beat for Kendrick Lamar‘s Drake diss track “Not Like Us” while also adding that Dr. Dre and Lil Jon inspired the infectious production.

In a new interview with Billboard, Mustard highlighted several things about the beat for the song, like him not sampling Nas’ “Ether” as well as the fact that he didn’t hear the full version before anyone else.

In terms of his inspiration, Mustard wondered what a song would sound like if Dr. Dre and Lil Jon joined forces to craft it while also stating it took him a half hour to make the already-iconic beat.

“When I was making it, in the back of my head is ‘What would Dr. Dre do if Lil Jon was in the studio and they was collaborating on the beat. That was my thought process,;” said Mustard. “It took me approximately 30 minutes to make that beat.”