Brooklyn’s futuristic pop artist, MAK, has released his new single “You’re The Reason,” with powerful lyrics, infectious melodies and an anthemic synth rock beat, this song tells the vibrant love story of a son and his mom. “You’re The Reason” is now available on streaming platforms worldwide and the full-length music video is live on YouTube.

“I had never written a song dedicated to one person and that challenge was quite daunting, but I didn’t go looking for this project, it became apparent that the most powerful love language I had to translate my feelings and emotions to my mom was through this song,” MAK said. The lyrics are deeply personal while telling a universal story that anyone can relate to. “I wrote this song for my mom, but I realized along the way that it was not only for her and I – it could be your mom or anyone in your life that is the reason you are who you are.”

MAK teamed up once again with his friend and Grammy nominated producer Yonatan Watts who said, “something just feels right about this track. There are these nostalgic piano chords over an upbeat rock synth and drums that feels sentimental while getting your energy up at the same time. It was the perfect vibe for MAK to celebrate his mom to,” Watts said. He added “as a pop record, the sound is very much for right now yet the message is timeless. MAK is particularly known for crossing influences of pop, R&B, Reggaeton and electro to make up his unique sound as an artist.”

“You’re The Reason” is also out now as a first-of-its-kind, AI-enhanced music video that takes a storybook tail of MAK and his mom and fuses oil-painted impressionist art, synthwave aesthetics and artificially enhanced scenes that makes this already vibrant track jump off the screen.

MAK credits his mom as the reason he’s developed into the evolving person and artist he is today. Her example and guidance, from an early age, led MAK to pursue diverse interests and develop those talents. Starting the piano at age three and picking up the drums, violin and choir, MAK went on to play Division 1 football and study at two Ivy League schools.




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