Mountain Bird – Cubism EP

If you’ve caught any sounds from Swedish producer and are ready to hear more, you’re in the right place at the right time. He has just produced and released the Cubism EP for and it’s wicked.

‘Moment,’ his single with Lara is on there, alongside three other tracks of melodic excellence – two of which are vocal-led. Explaining the story behind our favourite sound ‘The Wolf,’ Mountain Bird says: “I wrote the track when I was in this situation trying to take care of someone I really loved. But the only thing I could do is to watch her fall and I would keep falling down with her… It’s about realising that sometimes you can’t solve other people’s life problems no matter how much you try to take care of them and how much you try to put your own life on pause. It’s both dark and liberating at the same time. I got so frustrated and confused I didn’t know what to keep doing anymore, so ‘The Wolf’ became the song I wrote during that break up. ‘Wolf’ is a metaphor to the darkness that completely eats us and changes us sometimes.”

Stream the full EP here.

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