moony concludes his debut EP with a heated visual for “angry” [Video]

As time goes on, genres will always be pushed and pulled in different directions, it's how they evolve and give life to new ones. During his downtime from being the frontman of alt-rock outfit Honest Men, Nashville-based artist Seth Findley, or moony, has been pulling together a sonically refreshing coalescence of sounds that blends elements of indie, alt-rock, dark pop and weaves them together with crisp electronics.

“moony was never meant to be a pristine, polished thing,” Seth explains in an email statement. “It's the messy, unpolished side of me that needs an outlet. It's not that I think I'm doing something revolutionary, but I'm not going to let myself overthink this. It's been very personally rewarding.”

As the final track of his debut EP, moon, "angry" brings the project to a raucous, jawdropping conclusion by subverting your expectations in unceremoniously eponymous fashion.

Exasperated, almost choral vocal layers tint the introduction with this ensnaring, sour-tongued hue that holds your attention with just his voice alone, implying the track will perform as a tender and paced end to another otherwise high octane release. As it progresses and further textures broaden the lush soundscape, the rhythm sets a steadfast heartbeat that switches up a gear into a formidable reiteration of the same motifs, now driven by stomping drums and a fizzing bassline.

At about the midway point, a lull leaves you on the edge of your seat as to where it'll take you next. Before you've even had a chance to consider that, however, a blood-curdling scream signifies a complete switch in tone, genre and intensity. The synths are traded in for guitars, the sampled drums for thundering acoustic ones and warped vocals for stadium-ready howls; the stark change to perpetuate the track's theme is masterfully executed and nothing short of stunning.

“'As with any long-term serious bond with someone, we pick up baggage along the way be it for better or worse," he continues in the same statement. "We may look back with gratitude or resentment and while I'm so grateful for the ways I grew and changed because of the relationship, resentment is what I explored in this song. I lost the essence of who I was. "I don't feel like myself" is the feeling I tried to convey sonically, lyrically, and visually. It's part of a grander narrative from my debut 'moon ep' in which I explore and process the darker side of the past few years of my life. Self-therapy, in a way."

Check out the rest of moony's moon EP here.

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