Mogli shares the second instalment of her forthcoming album with “The Current” [Video]

German singer-songwriter Mogli shares the second installment of her forthcoming album release RAVAGE. Her new single "The Current" is a warming ode to self-healing, a reminder that vulnerability and self-belief are key factors to overcoming hard times.

Following the recent single "Echo", this new single acts as episode two in series of 10 installments. Layered with her hushed vocals across the soothing guitar melodies and calming tones, "The Current" sees Mogli caught up in the freeing notions of overcoming a situation you were once stuck in. Singing about swimming against the current and fighting back, her raw lyricism and evocative wording offers inspiration for those who feel like they can't see a way out. 

Once again paired with visuals that are truly transfixing, "The Current" continues the luring sense of wanting to experience more from her work. Mogli's artistry, not only a vocalist but an all-round creative force, is one that is laced with empowerment and intrigue.“It takes so much courage to walk into the unknown," says Mogli. "With nothing other to hold on to than the certainty that I’m leaving a toxic situation I was pep talking myself into building a new life despite being scared."

Mogli's raw and honest account of her experiences result in listeners feeling seen. Whether you relate to her experiences or are just simply captivated by her work, Mogli is an artist that showcases her humanity with a tenderness that allow her powerful actions to be deeply rooted into the foundations of her work.

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