MNDR Previews New LP ‘Hell to Be You Baby’ With Title Track Co-Produced by Mark Ronson

Electro-pop singer MNDR has released a new song, “Hell to Be You Baby,” the title track from her next album, set to arrive June 18th via Wondersound Records.

Co-produced by Mark Ronson, “Hell to Be You Baby” boasts a distinct early Nineties dance feel. A restless drum groove, gritty synths, and a big house piano anchor the tune, while still allowing it to expand into headier spaces.

“Hell to Be You Baby” arrives with a music video, directed by MNDR and L.A.-based producers Glow in the Dirt. In it, singer-songwriter Lawrence Rothman plays an exaggerated version of MNDR, performing the song and completing mundane tasks in a way that toys with ideas of social media, scrutiny, and the increasingly fine line between celebrity fandom and cult worship.

Hell to Be You Baby marks MNDR’s first album in nearly a decade, following her 2012 debut, Feed Me Diamonds. The musician released an EP with Sweet Valley, Dance 4 a Dollar, in 2015, while she’s also continued to steadily drop singles over the years, and write and produce for other artists including Charli XCX, Calvin Harris, and Carly Rae Jepsen.

Prior to releasing “Hell to Be You Baby,” MNDR released “Love in Reverse” with Empress Of and “Save Me” (both tracks will appear on the upcoming album). Hell to Be You Baby will also feature guest appearances from Sheer Mag’s Tina Halladay, Girli, Choir Boy, Ssion, and Hirakish. The LP was executive-produced by MNDR, her longtime collaborator Peter Wade, and Scissor Sisters’ Scott Hoffoman.

Hell to Be You Baby Tracklist

1. “Open”
2. “Cult of Me” (with GIRLI)
3. “Hell to Be You Baby”
4. “Eyes Light Up”
5. “Love In Reverse” (with Empress Of)
6. “Save Me” (with Tina Halladay of Sheer Mag)
7. “Dove” (with Choir Boy)
8. “Fragile”
9. “Mind” (with SSION & Hirakish)
10. “Want”
11. “Awake”
12. “Gone”