MitiS Talks Creation After Loss, Picks Up The Pieces on 'By My Side': Exclusive

Imagine you slave over a project for years, carefully crafting each moment, creating something that speaks to who you are and translates your energy and vision to the world. Imagine you worked countless hours on your artistic debut, the feeling satisfaction and pride when you lay the finishing touches, and the anticipation and excitement wanting to share it with the world.

Now imagine you totally lose all that in an instant, and it's all because you didn't back up your hard drive before it crashed.

When you finish throwing up from the strange mix exhaustion, failure and emptiness, you'll be surprised to find that there's a strange twinge hope. At least, that's what MitiS found when all that happened to him.

“When I lost the album, I walked upstairs from the studio and was so upset I smiled,” he says in an emailed statement. “What else am I supposed to do?”

After the shock waves emotion and maddening laughter passed, he sat back down in front his computer and started all over again at square one, but this time, it was different. He'd already proven to himself that writing an album was possible, and spurred by this tragic accident, he drew new inspiration, weaving a more complex and emotional story together than he ever could have before.

“I really feel that losing the album is a blessing,” he says. “I just started writing, really going into how I get about music, and where I imagined myself musically. When you have drive and a passion for what you do, nothing else matters.”

A year later, he's ready to share with the world a new debut album. It's called 'Til The End, and it's 11 tracks tell the story a man who overcomes his shortcomings and learns to find peace under cloudy skies. He gives fans a first taste this newfound sonic depth with “By My Side,” a piano-driven melody featuring soulful vocals from Tedy and what MitiS calls “a new sound with really deep, emotional influences” that will “make you cry.”

“By My Side” builds slowly toward a triumphant peak future wobbles before slipping into a sunset white noise. It's definitely speaks to his background as a classically trained musician. “By My Side” is out everywhere Friday Seeking Blue/Mr. Suicide Sheep, but you can listen to it in full below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.

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